Sirius Pup Myth 4 - It's a cult!

A bunch of guys get together and don masks, act like animals, and there's a leader. It could be forgiven if we were mistaken as a cult. Except the judgement had better come from teh Amish, or from someone who has lived in a cave for twenty years, or is fresh out of a coma. For fucks sake people, we have a website. That site is not some Heavens Gate sign up either. It clearly explains we are a fetish group doing a fetish thing and aren't that serious. Pun intended.

We continue our a myth debunking series here to help explain to the rather daft that we are not a cult. Don't feel bad if you thought we were. We all can have dumb opinions till we learn better. This video, and all in the series are not meant to be a drama or entirely serious either - no pun intended. 

We begin with the statement - Sirius pup pack is a cult.
This is wrong, and this video below is us explaining what the actual truth is.