Sirius Pup Myth 7 - Bestiality

This myth is extremely common to human pup play, despite that fact that the whole fucking point of HUMAN pup play is to use a person - not a dog. Sigh. 
Of course our pack has been accused of this, most notably by a disgruntled ex who made some pretty ludicrous claims regarding my doberman Khan and the pack. Any one who has met my dog would be able to tell you - he loves only his zebra rug. The only connection my dog has had to our pack is that at our second pup camp I had to race away (thanks Kaiser for your help!) to see my Khan in intensive care. He almost died from sepsis. It was pretty awful. And the pack were very loving and supportive of me and Khans other owner Dion. 

Anyway, we present Sirius Pup Myth 7 - your pack does bestiality. 
The answer is we do not. Watch the vid to see our reactions.