A wonderful quality that pups can embody is enthusiasm, a feeling of aliveness, experiencing energy and vitality. That feeling and experience during human pup play can be contagious, spreading enthusiasm and good feeling to others watching human pup play, not just to those participating. 

A pup is alive and feeling it!

This special quality of pup play is very important. Some scenes of BDSM can and do have the viewer in a 'separate' place, a remote observer who may experience a taboo like vicarious pleasure. The participants in such BDSM scenes can definitely be performers, on a stage to be observed. Let's remember though - this is not every BDSM scene or participants being described, and even for those being described thus it isn't meant to be critical. Remote observing is a legitimate experience, and a worthwhile experience. 

Human pup play very often breaks that wall of observation, crossing over the distance between remote viewer and participant. By a pups enthusiasm and vitality, he or she often emotionally can connect with an audience. The energy a pup puts into pup play becomes infectious to those around. Spreading enthusiasm and energy is a great characteristic of human pup play because feeling full of life, feeling vital and enthused is good for everyone's well being. 

Of course, the line here is enthusiasm is not a licence to be a dickhead. Unfortunately some pups take it upon themselves to be ill behaved and bad mannered and act like dickheads. When you are annoying others it is not enthusiasm. It is you being a dick. The line is obvious and it is up to a pup and his Owner and Trainer to learn it, and not cross it ever. Annoying people bad - spreading enthusiasm is good for everyone. 

Physically a pup and person experiences better health, a better function of their body, as well as relief from fatigue and stress when enthused. Emotionally a pup and person becomes more effective at what they do when they feel alive, vital and enthused. So it is worth a pups time to focus on enthusiasm in pup play. A pups vitality, their energy can be inhibited and diminished by pain and suffering, by fatigue and depression. Even diet and actions such as smoking or taking drugs definitely affect someone's feelings of energy and vitality in a negative way. 

Feeling enthusiastic and vital is a preferred state for a pup, and they and their Owners can seek out and create times and places of restoration and recovery. Rest periods can obviously help a pup recover energy and vitality. Helping to increase a pups energy levels can be done by exercise, helping also combat depression at the same time. The 'black dog' of depression sucks the vitality out of everyone. To help any pup who can be plagued by this emotional black dog, exercise and lots of different social contacts do help. Feeling enthusiastic and vital is directly related to a person, and pups, body image and self esteem. So an Owner and Trainer can help a pup by being aware of a pups vitality and energy, and helping build on it. Enthusiasm is more than just about mood, it's part of a pups overall health. 

There can be a limit, a finite pool of energy that a pup has to adapt and learn their limits for play. Being able to rest and recover, and being fit and healthy vastly improve and training experience and make play wonderful and fun for a human pup.