Is it a boy or girl tail?

This article raises the issue of gender for human pup play. In no way is it an attempt to set an agenda for what people do in the privacy of their own homes, however, it may help to raise awareness of the issue of sex and gender in human pup play in some way for those who haven't experienced or thought about what being a boy or girl pup might mean in relevance to human pup play. The position taken is my own, the Boss at SiriusPups. I do not assume I am an ideal of what I am espousing either. 

What can make human pup play an extraordinary bdsm experience is that human sexuality is almost completely irrelevant to the play. The use of gear - pup hoods, suits, tails - almost immediately separates the pup from being looked at as a human being with a specific gender. Before I go on, it is important to define what sex and gender are for the terms of the article. Sex is your biological human sexuality, gender is your psychosocial sexuality. Whilst a human pup may not be donning a frock or putting a sock in the pants like a transvestite, costume is still being worn a lot of the time. With the use of sheathes, strap ons, certainly a male gendered pup can be simulated.  

That last point raises the issue of genitals. In human pup play they are just a small part of the experience. Having one set of genitals over another, that is being of a specific sex, is not really important in human pup play activity. It should be obvious that masturbation is common to both sexes, as is urinating. That the equipment used to do that is different is less relevant than a tail is wagging from someone's arse and they have a dog hood on to simulate being an actually behave not of your species. Pause and think about that. Yet, cock or cunt seems to be a human issue not easily let go off. 

Women, transgendered, and indeterminate people can find barriers to engaging with others in human pup play. That really is no surprise, since everyday human life in our supposedly egalitarian societies can treat those people mentioned above with mild to appalling discrimination and alienation.  

Although many people would claim to be very open minded and fair, unfortunately that enlightened attitude can stop if they have to encounter genitals, human sex, they don't find arousing. A sexism, a belief in the need to keep genders separate and practiced attitudes from that, can and does occur in human pup play. 

Whether any of us wholly or marginally embrace or disagree with the statements above, human pup play enjoys a capacity to actually sidestep the debate on human gender and sex. It is simple - every human pup is a pup. That simple statement is a mantra worth reiterating often.

Every human pup is a pup. Note that the sentence doesn't contain girl, guy, man, woman, boy, lady. Once you start adding that label, you bring human gender issues to pup play directly. That in itself may not be bad, if a lady pup is just as powerful and self determined as a guy pup. If a boy pup is not called boy because submission and femininity are seen as related or interchangeable. Ultimately you want to be able to trust yourself as an Owner or Trainer or Pup that a pups genitals, their human sexuality, is not the defining feature of them as a pup - their tail is. The pups commitment and effort as a pup takes them to a place where the human sex is left behind. 

This is a very personal outlook, and I recommend it, but don't demand it. It requires a consideration of language approach, and attitude towards gender. Given that it may seem easier to just be a guy, and to tell transgendered pups and women to find their own niche, why should I, as Owner of Sirius Pup Pack make this effort? The answer is because every human pup is a pup - and I train the tail, not the cock or cunt. I recognise that human pup play is a fetish focused on human animal roleplay. It has a goal to leave behind much of the human social experience, and forge a new animal self. Losing the human sex and gender seems a small price to pay for a fairer place for all to play. 

At the very least be aware that your choice of language and your behaviour can serve to unintentionally marginalise others in human pup play