Remote Training in 2013

As you read this website you may not be immediately aware that the information provided here at siriuspup,.net is for the Sirius Pup Squad first and foremost. It is to help the pack learn and practice to become the pups they want to be over time. All of us in SPS live apart, so this site is a primary source of review and training. We meet as regularly as our schedules allow to build on what we are sharing. What has surprised me is that the site has become helpful to others as well. Each week I receive email through our Contact SPS form with requests for advice and training.  

If you read everything here on the site, you are likely to learn at least one new thing about puphood. If your aim is to understand what pup play is about, then our site can help be one of many voices giving a view on that. We provide links to other places to find out what they think as well. But if you are reading to become a pup, you really need a Trainer. An Owner would also help, but you most certainly need a Trainer to help as your guide and teacher, giving you feedback and support. It is always easier to learn with a teacher guiding you. 

However, it isn't always possible to be with your Owner and Trainer is what we are learning from the pups of the world. And we at Sirius Pup know that ourselves. Distance and time can be serious hindrances to learning what you might want to know to become a pup and being sure you are getting it right. Not only that, our busy lives and personal commitments often don't make it any easier. It can also be a serious drain on your resources to travel to your Owner and Trainer. There are also the relationships we have in our lives to consider, as our families, our partners, our friends expect us to fulfil our commitments to them and your loved ones can have a hard time understanding you being "owned" or "trained to be a pup". 

All of those things above are true for us at Sirius Pup, so we sympathise with pups in places in the world who are struggling to find their inner pup, and live it somehow sometime. We can't travel to you nor can we send you a plane ticket to come here, although pups who can travel are welcome to come kennel and have a stay at the bearcave where I live. What we can offer is a 21st century solution to the problem that can help. Remote training. Thanks to the internet, and broadband, we can provide the lessons with video and occasional live chat. 

To learn anything about puphood and follow the same path the Sirius Pups are on will require compromise on your behalf. We don't suggest in any way that remote training is a substitute for the love and care of a guiding Owner and Trainer in the room with you. It is simply a best can do substitute. And that learning substitute may help you as a pup, and your potential Owner and Trainer as well. Collar training is for pups, Leash training is for Owners and Trainers.

Remote training is going to have to cost something, as I work full-time and have serious commitments to my husbear and friends, so I really can't spend my days and nights here or in a Google hangout. More than that. the work I am doing here is worth something. As the new year begins I will embark on creating a method of using the internet even more to train and provide guidance and tutorial for those who want to learn. I promise and commit to a reasonable and fair price, and to deliver what I promise. My goal is to have not only 2013 be a year when Sirius Pup Squad has broken new ground for itself as a pack, but we also have new pup friends overseas who understand where we are coming from and get the best training and camaraderie our pack can provide  Quality and sincerity is important to me, so Remote Training cannot begin till I am ready and fully prepared. That should be sometime next year. Look here for regular updates. 

For those who are lucky enough to have an Owner and Trainer, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

from the left: Trooper, GPup Alpha, Brand, and PupBoss Jyan in the centre