Imagining the divine relationship as a bond between a master and a dog, here is the poem of Tukarum a Shudra Guru poet. 

God's dog

I've come to your door, like a dog looking for a home, O kind one, don't drive me away, says Tuka, my master's trained me hard, I am allowed to eat, only out of his own, hand"

Dogs are also often associated with Adivarsis, the tribal folk of India. Animal keepers, leather workers, people who touch human waste are often referred to as dogs. An ancient Indian text, the Aritha-shastra tells that dogs are spies, warning not to speak secrets in front of them. 

The Rig veda says that all dogs are sons of Indra's beloved brindled bitch Sarama; dogs are thus called Sons of Sarama. These dogs are brave - they kill tigers - but are still seen as unclean for their dietary habits.