Mentor - Wolf

I call myself Alphapup because I have had two pup submissives of my own, and once I came to become a pup myself, they referred to me as such. The name Tempest is a nickname I have had since my early teen years. I feel the energy of chaos as well as the power of nature within myself, so the name Tempest fit easily. And it suits me. People often say that knowing me is like riding in a storm.

My first experience as a pup was not very long ago. I had two pups as submissives and found that when we played around, I wanted to be there with them on all fours and playing with the ball and being petted, etc. So, I got some gear of my own, did a bit of reading, and jumped in and explored my own pup side.

I am trained as a Dom. I was a sub to a Dom couple (Male and Female) for a year while learning to Dom myself. I have had a handful of submissives and pups of my own for about 7 years now. I currently have one submissive and one every now and then pup that I play with. I am a DM (Dungeon Monitor) at my local dungeon. I am actually a switch, but I find it hard to submit to men weaker than myself. And not just in physical strength, but in character. If you want to be top dog, prove it to me.

I have a fiance. We have been together for 4 years, but we have an open relationship. He understands my need to play with other pups and handlers just as I understand his need for redheaded bears. lol.

I like video games a lot. Especially RPGS. Nothing gets me more than a good story. And on that note, I love to read. I can devour books one after the other. I'm also a huge fan of nature and camping. Being outdoors is one of my true joys in life. I also love to cook. I love having people over so I can show off my cooking skills. And my favourite past time is having sex! Its a great workout and just makes you feel good all day long.

I feel I associate with an American Pitbull. I am growly and scary, but I'm actually a big sweetheart who is fiercely loyal and protective.

Being a pup lets me be free. I can just let go of all the pressures and stress of the mundane world and just be a silly puppy. I love the feeling of freedom I get from being able to just let go and have a handler guide me. Pup to me, is freedom. As a pup I seek to better understand myself. I also seek to learn more discipline and guidance.