Pup Pride Down Under Pup Camp 2016

For three days and three nights nine of us gathered in the Royal National Park in Sydney Australia, where we stayed in a cabin in the woods by the river. And it was intense. In a good way. In beautiful surroundings, our pack, and visiting pups and Trainers, enjoyed an incredibly supportive experience of learning all we could of pup and Trainer roles and skills. 

Pup PrimusEducational, fun, challenging. Pup camp never fails to make you reflect on your pup self and get the most out of your play time!

GPup AlphaCamp was really great. I was able to relax and get to learn and enjoy heaps of activity over the three days it was really amazing. The food was great and the environment is amazing in the Australian bush. I am already looking forward to the next catch up.

Pup JaxHaving the chance to explore and learn about being a pup in such a beautiful landscape was quite amazing. I came out of the weekend feeling so much more confident and with such a stronger bond with the people there. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to the next camp.

Pup ArrowI really enjoyed pup camp down under the training was intense but really good I learnt quite a lot from the couple of days.

Master IsionPup camp was a challenging and engaging time that mixed informative training and experience building with relaxing time in the peace of the Royal National Park. Spending this time with other pups really helps to form a better connection and understanding of human pup play.