Chief Kel

Human Age: 38    Height: 178cm Weight: 75kg
Piercings: none    Tattoos: Lower back: an abstract tribal design of two tigers facing off at each other. Right upper arm: a tribal design of a samurai mask , hidden within is a dagger, altermative look as a 5-spikes weaponised glove. Left torso: Life story ("bunga terung" front upper chest) about my family name (upper left arm), my origin (rafflesia parasitic plant at upper back), and my current abode ("fern", front chest). Right torso: Combination of Iban design and tribal design about my household - chest piece consists of an Iban snake (my Chinese Zodiac sign) and a tribal goat (my partner's Chinese Zodiac sign) linking with 3 tribal designs of huskies on the back, a fourth husky is to be added at some point in the future. Left inner forearm: Script tattoo with the word "Desiderata" from The Desiderata of Happiness, prose poem by Max Erhmann. Right inner forearm: Script tattoo with the word "Serenity" from Serenity Prayer.