Mountain Wolf

My name is Wolfpup or Mountain Wolf. The name was chosen for me many years ago as I am not quite tameable and like the mountain and country outdoors.

I can't remember my first experience as a pup, but all I can say is that I have all ways related to dogs and found myself acting them out when I was alone as a release from the human world and stresses. I've been a solo pup for many years.

My bdsm life has been full and varied, I love rubber first up , then leather, rope, chain, duct tape, you name it. I am into containment, bondage from light to heavy, long to short term. Mummification , suspension, sensory deprivation, and the list goes on.........

I am in a long term relationship of 19 years with a wonderful and very understanding man.

My hobbies and interests are, many and varied, but gardening and nature is high on my list, motorbike riding of which I like touring and road trips, eating good fresh food , walking, exploring new places, and quiet nights at home. Also rubber bondage and letting my pup side loose.

I relate to being a wolf cross husky, that's my breed, can be sweet but also a bit wild at times, very loyal to my mates and pack and can a bit stand offish with people and other pups until I sus them out.

I have 3 pup hoods, my rubberdawg husky hood I feel is me. But my black rubber hood is a great play hood. Being a pup helps me every day to relax, when I'm up tight , quite often I find myself barking or howling into my helmet as I ride my motorbike.

Pup pack hood to me is like brotherhood, I relate to that because I relate to skin head life. It's all about mateship and watching each others back. Being loyal to you mates and pack, honest about who you are and what matters, respect for what mates and your pack are about. My Goal in the pack is not so much about the sex side of things it is about almost a spiritual journey of learning to look inside yourself and not being afraid of what you see but learning how to best embrace it.