Remote Training

- Learning to a be a pup online

For some people, learning human pup play is difficult due to their geographic location or their life circumstances. Sirius Pup Squad offers the opportunity to learn human pup play at an advanced level for anyone who has trouble finding opportunity to engage in human pup play and learn with another. Remote training is what we call it, and it hopefully will compliment a persons actual exploration of human pup play and enable them to pursue pup play with others when and where they can.

Before we go any further, let's be clear on these very important points -

  1. Remote Training is not 24/7 access to anyone, that includes the Boss, in Sirius Pups
  2. It doesn't cost anything but you do have to give something back in exchange
  3. You have to be honest with yourself and others and actually train and practice
  4. Training means being included in the Sirius Pup Clan
  5. You use the website first and foremost, as direct training is complementary nor primary

With your Trainer you create a learning path to puphood

The purpose of the Sirius Pup website is to share pup training information amongst Sirius Pups. It will be the first, second, third, and so on source of training. The articles are arranged in Collars, with a First level introduction, and  Second level further refinement of the introduction. Third and Fourth Collars advance you as a pup into puphood, and Fifth Collar sees you complete your training. Every article has a video, sometimes two, you can watch to  help you. 

You don't pay any money to learn, but you have to recognise that being trained for free is not going to happen. It takes more than a few hours effort to put together this website and maintain it. All this hasn't been done for dollars, it has been done to train the Sirius Pups. A commitment all of the Sirius Pups make is to give back to the group, the Clan in effort and skill what they can in return. Many of the Sirius Pup Pack will mentor other pups, making it easier for Boss to live a normal life. Some pups help with video, some with gear care. As a pup you will learn, as a person you can find what you can give back in return to the Sirius Pup Clan. 

Training does require you to be brutally honest with your clan mates and with your Trainer. If you struggle with something, you let them know. They are going to help find ways forward. Clear and honest communication is vitally important. 

Communication and how interaction in Remote Training works


Instant messaging and email allows you to communicate with your Trainer here at Sirius Pup Barracks over a vast distance. Skype and Google Hangout allow you to see your Trainer and be seen by him. You can send a message any time, day or night, just be aware that replies can be delayed because of the time difference between your location in the world and Australia, or simply because the Trainer is busy working or otherwise engaged. Your Trainer is not on call as he has a day to day life to live as well, but he will reply as soon as he gets to his regularly scheduled pup training time - usually every couple of days. The important thing is that you can often engage in dialogue when its mutually possible with your Trainer, with Time Zones being the big factor to be aware of. Whilst it is 2am in Chicago USA, or 5am in London UK, it is 6pm for your Trainer in Sydney Australia. If you are in Seattle USA it will be 11pm the day before. Distance can simply mean that your daily routine is out of sync with your Trainers, but at Sirius Pup we are well aware of this and thanks to shift work and always on access to the internet we can often communicate at extreme times. 

Through messages you will discuss your exercises and training. You will receive and give feedback so your training is closely monitored and developed at your pace. Messages and email also work for you to make requests and ask questions. Through Pup Profile accounts on twitter and Facebook you can give quick updates of your status. Through messages and email you can seek new ideas and plan and work on making your path to puphood individual to you. 

It will be important to stay on track with all your messages and chats during Remote Training. There are a few ways to keep your communication focused so you can get the best out of your learning. You will benefit from your Trainer also following his own advice here too. :)

Firstly, always be polite. Use Boss or Sir when addressing your Trainer, as it lets him know you are talking pup to trainer. You will be able to use his personal name to break out of that mode when you feel it is necessary, as a safe word so to speak. Using the title shows respect and helps reiterate the relationship of pup to mentor. Your Trainer will address you as Pup with affection and care. 

It always really helps to write your messages in the best way possible, keeping your words respectful rather than harsh. Anyone who has been in an online forum knows that text can be misunderstood easily when it is written quickly. Try your best not to say anything that can sound blaming or threatening, as you want communication to always be constructive. Sometimes our text can be construed multiple ways, so making a little bit of extra effort to avoid ambiguity and be clear and polite will sidestep any misunderstandings. 

Developing a pup self can be emotionally intense. If you find yourself getting worked up and emotional, which you can be sure of if you are rewriting much of what you want to say, then step away from the keyboard and save that discussion for Skype so you can witness that you are being heard.

Giving feedback about your training will and should always be comments that are about pup play and not off topic. Feedback will be regarding what you requested, and you can do the same, discussing what you were asked about to your Trainer. The best positive feedback you can get is from your Trainers voice, which is why the Skype every so often is so vitally important. By talking face to face you can understand and express a greater depth of feeling and it will be instantly understood for its sincerity. Face to face cam chat also allows you to discuss highly sensitive issues you may not feel comfortable committing to text. Also, highly sensitive issues often deserve immediate communication of face to face as you have the ability to know, by seeing and hearing your Trainer, that you are being heard and empathised with. That acknowledgement helps the talking through a tough issue. 

Google hangout cam chat allows you to have a group discussion face to face, directed by your Trainer. Sometimes it will be with pups of the Sirius Pup Squad, other times it will include special guests  or other pups in training. Google hangout discussions are more social occasions and chances to share experiences.

You most frequent way of communicating in training will be with instant messages, and they are best when they are concise and short. Email is the tool to use to give more detailed explanations of what you want to say. Using attachments, you can send and receive photos and documents through email and you will find it easier to file your training records from there. Email will not be and should never be CC'd (carbon copied) or include anyone but your and your Trainer in the communication. Your training is private to you.

By utilising the three forms of direct communication - text, one on one face to face, and group face to face - you get a fairly rich experience of pup training. Of course that doesn't replace or reduce the value of seeing other pups and trainers in the flesh. Remote Training is for you if that is not convenient or possible for you at this time. The Sirius Pup Barracks would welcome you to visit should you ever be here in our hometown. In the meantime, Remote Training is a good option for anyone wanting to seriously train and learn human pup play.

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