Pup Trooper is the Bravo Pup of the Sirius Pup Pack. Coming from a Military background, he prefers the callsign of Bravo instead of the typical Greek Beta.... and Trooper was his former rank. He is a single man outside of the pack, and his interests include Aviation, Travel, Computing and Heraldry and Vexillology. His friend of five years is now also his pack brother, Gpup, who helped him approach his new master - PupBoss Jyan. Trooper identifies as a Rottwieler due to his guarding nature and protective instincts but also has a cheeky playful nature.

Trooper has been in uniform since he was 13 years old, being in a position of Command, Standards, Guidance and Training. Although he is no longer in uniform full-time, he feels his Puppy Lifestyle allows him to be free, leaving the real world and his work behind, a transition to allow someone else be in control and belonging to a unit. Trooper is a dedicated pup, loving to learn and train, but he also enjoys the freedom of Puppy Play.

He received his hood as a welcome gift from his Pup brother and hasn't looked back since and to remain connected to his Pup Lifestyle, Trooper proudly wears his dog tags daily.