Spring Pup Camp 2013 Report 


My pupcamp started for me almost a week before. I left home on my trusty triumph tiger XC, on the tuesday before. After 1000km of bliss on my bike and several stop overs to my pup bros kennels I arrived at Sirs in Sydney, but that's another happy story, so I'll skip to the camp. We arrived to an awesome picturesque cabin in the royal national park . What a great place! Private, water front, with all the mod cons, training started after we settled in. It was a great session to get to know where everyone's head was and also each other a little better. The night was fantastic, nerves were settled and pup space was reached. Next morning we were up fed and had a great leather workshop with Brandpup, made an awesome pup lead and learnt some new skills, after lunch we had a rope workshop with Alpha, I was in pup head space most of the time. Was great to just chill without a care. We had a fun time pupped up on the sandstone out crops and an awesome time pupped up that night out in the bush with my bros gpup ,kaiser, clutch and Sir. It was so much fun . The weekend went so fucking fast!!!!! There was so many things Sir got us doing my it was a full weekend of pupdom. I loved it and can't wait to the next one in February 2014. The thing that stuck out the most for me was I got my second collar. An honour to have from my awesome Sir ! It was also I forced to me that there is more to pup play than fluffy toys and gear! Thank you Sir and my pack for an awesome week end. I was howling in my helmet all the way back home.

GPup Alpha

For me pup camp was a great experience to explore my role as alpha as the pack and to observe pack dynamics. I really enjoyed the first evening’s games and reinforcement of previous training. Having a new pup there also made me realize just how far each of the trained pups have come. Things that I take for granted ie. Sir being addressed as Sir or Boss really stood out when they did not occur. Probably the most learning for me was in the idea of leadership and how this works for me. 

There were some points that decisions needed to be made for the success of the group and while I was unhappy with that I also understood that it was for the best of the smooth running of the pack. (Ie the change of the rooms on the 2nd night) I was able to identify that I was not pleased with the change but I was also able to go, well this decision was made for a good reason, it’s my job to ensure this decision happens smoothly.

I was very pleased to see the development of a strong bond between Kaisier and Wolf, as well as having the chance to get to know both much better. I noticed that Clutch when relaxed is adds a strong sense of fun and laughter to the pack. I felt for Brand as it was clear he was angry as fuck at his +1 and it was good that he has taken the learning on from this as well. For me I feel I have learned more about leadership and I feel I’m slowly developing my style as an Alpha. 

I had an awesome camp and I’m really looking forward to the Summer Camp 2014.