Summer Pup Camp 2014

Our first Summer Pup Camp was held in the Royal National Park in Sydney, over four days and nights. Pups from all over came to join the pack in learning and play. Here are their words on their camp...


For me the time spent at pup camp was a howling success. It made me sit down and really consider my inner pup. It has shown me that it’s much more than a hood or tail or harness, its part of my fabric. I enjoyed learning how some of the things we considered normal in pup play, i.e. head tilt for curiosity, is wrong. From the first night where we discussed vocalization to the last lesson on Sunday showing different stances. For me just having the open forum to discuss learn and practice in a more formalized situation was great. Meeting the Sirius pups in person will be one of the highlights in my life and a huge step for my pup. The opportunity to try different gear was eye opening. Having the Sirius pups lend me gear for the weekend was humbling. As I said for me a bench mark is “Would I do this again?” and the answer is a resounding YES. I hope to one day return the favour and host some or all of you in Canada.

Scooter, AKA-Wolf’s Canadian Squeaky toy, Dazza

GPup Alpha

Summer pup camp 2014 was perfectly timed, a great chance for me to have time away from a busy time back home and to just enjoy my pup side as well as being a pup with my pack brothers as well as special guests.

I really enjoyed the chance to hone my skills as an alpha, to help teach, guide and reflect on my previous training.

Most interesting for me was having the chance to revisit previous lessons. It gave me a chance to see how I had missed some of the more subtle elements in the earlier training. I am always going to be a sucker for the psychology of pup and there was plenty for me to learn.

I really enjoyed the pup “language and communication”. Having spent time with pups who have not been trained it’s awesome for a group of pups to have a common language. This adds to the experience and enables me to be able to spend more time as a pup without having to drop out to human thoughts to explain what I am thinking or wishing to do.

I found it interesting to have my first experience of a “mosh” which is something I have never done before.

Most important for me was the time spent with mates. Good friends, my brothers I’ve known for a long time as well as making new friends with guests who took the step forward to experience the style of Sirius Pup training.

Each new guest added to the experience with their enthusiasm as well as skills and interests that were new and interesting to me. Having a pup visit from Canada was fantastic and an awesome chance to learn more about the difference between the ways we and American’s approach our pup experiences.

Form this camp I have left with some great new skills, new friends, cool memories and a small shitload of photos and videos to remind me of the great time we enjoyed.

I can’t tell you enough how much you can gain from taking the plunge and attending a Sirius Pup intensive training camp.

Gpup Alpha.

RedDevil Pup

Going into pup camp I didn't really know what to expect. I was both excited to meet the other pups and at the same time nervous that the only person I knew was Sir.

I was also terrified of catching fleas, but luckily Sir applies Frontline to his pups regularly.

All the other pups were extremely welcoming, friendly and approachable.

One thing I keenly observed was how welcoming the pack was to interstate and international visitors.

The lessons were not what I expected at all, they were aimed at a beginner level but at the same time incorporated more advanced training for the more experienced pups.

Sir asked for and was receptive to feedback, while encouraging pups to interact with each other and participate in lessons.

After pup camp I have a better understanding of what it means to be a pup.

I would highly recommend pup camp to other pups and their masters as both a social and learning event.

Unless of course you identify as a little dog, particularly Pomeranians, because well.... Ewwwww


Well with the Siriuspup summer camp done and dusted I can only think and smile about the awesome time I had.

The camp was perfect for me . It was a great escape and holiday from work and human life for a while, A time to spend with my Sir and pack brothers , to meet awesome guest pups from Queensland , and Canada . Also catch up with a few pups from the clan that I had not met in person , or nose to nose as it were.

Sirs training with communication and stance was fantastic , I got so much out of it and the sneaky snip it of training from the third collar threw every thing together for me . It all makes sense! I also realised a few things I wasn't doing quite right and Sir and the pack helped me through that. All in all I came away with my tail up and a grin on my face knowing I had learnt to be a better pup.

I must admit that there was also plenty of time to relax with our tails in for a swim in the beautiful river right next to the cabin, and also we had a pup mosh play which was kinda cool. Scooter I'd like to thank too what a bonus to meet a pup you have been talking with for ages, thank you on behave of us all for making a massive effort to come down under and join us.

But the highlight for me was I received my steel collar!!! Thank for so much Sir . I wear it 24/7 and it reminds me that I have my Sir and pup bros with me all the time . To some up pup camp.....OMG OMG can't wait till the next one.

Cheers wolfpup