Sea Wolf

My pup name is Wolfe, however, it was modified to Sea Wolf, which I like. My name was not chosen for this pup, it was given to me by a late Handler that I was collared to. It was given to me because I was told that I my behaviour is very close to that of a Wolf. I tend to me more of a laid back puppy, however, I can be very protective and aggressive if I have to be.

Puppy play is what got me started in to BDSM in general. I saw a video of guys acting like pups when I was about 20 years of age. However, my first experience as a pup was not a pleasant one. My first time being out as a pup, I was taken to a party, placed in a cage, and just pissed on for hours. When the “handler” arrived he took me out of the cage, and ask me “How did you enjoy being a pup?”

Eventually I learned that was to really be a pup, and I know in my heart that I was a puppy, and being puppy was an integrated part of who I am. My experience in BDSM ranges from CBT, TT, Bondage, Flogging, single tails, sounds, milking, edging, cum control, mindfucks, electro, being a puppy, being shaved, and have always wanted to a vet scene *wag*.

Puppy, is currently a single, stray wolf pup. Part of the modification of my name, comes from the LOVE of Scuba Diving. My hobbies are scuba diving, hiking, camping, video games, water skiing, jet skiing, movies, musical theatre (I like some), spending time with friends, and family. I am a wolf pup - loyal to my pack, and also protective when I need to be. I tend to be very alert of my surroundings and the people around me. I am not very good with profiles, but this is what I know lol