Pup Gadget

Pup Gadget is an Alpha Pup, Partner and Daddy to two Bio-Dogs.  He has been owned by Daddy Yukon since 2009.  Gadget’s Daddy considers his Dog Breed to be a CockHound or just a Big Mutt.  Pup Gadget is founder of the SEA-PAH (Seattle Pups and Handlers) Puppy Group and is also a member of Seattle Men and Leather.  Gadget has been in IT for over 10 years and received his name from his Daddy because he always has a Gadget in his Paws.  He enjoys his Puppy Lifestyle as well as educating others on how fun, hot, empowering, transcendent and freeing Puppy Play can be.  Some of Gadget’s hobbies and interests include outreaching about Puppy Play, working on my doghouse and its playroom, corrupting and mounting sexy furry c or cubs and sniffing leather with man musk...GRRRUFFF!