Kaiser Q

It was soon after meeting Pup Boss. We were having a pretty generalised sort of conversation, when I mentioned in passing that I sometimes liked to lead and generally take charge of situations.

Boss looked at me and responded immediately “you don’t lead pup. You rule.”

This comment got me thinking, and I realised that he was right. It was a week later, and I was at a mates place visiting when I got a message from Boss. He said “we need to find a name for you pup”

Well I was so excited, but didn’t have a clue where to start in naming myself as a pup. So Boss sent me a list of suggestions and told me to take my time. I looked at the list and nothing really seemed to fit. I kept on working on it.

Finally I had a possible name to submit to Boss. It was “Pogo Bull Pup”

To explain.

I had a Pit Bull bitch. Her name was “Podgie Dog.”

She was a great dog and I had a special sort of relationship with her. She was wilful and strong, but also very intelligent and obedient when I needed her to be. She was absolutely silent most of the time, loyal, protective and territorial to a fault. And she just loved cuddles with her family.

In my eyes, these are all very desirable attributes for a dog to have. And certainly something to aspire to as a human pup.

However. She was a very savage dog, and it only got worse with age. At the age of 4 ½ years she attacked my other dog Chloe, her best friend. She came very close to killing her.

It had been made abundantly clear that she was a dangerous dog, and it was only a matter of time that she had a go on a person. I made the decision to have her destroyed. My Dad did the deed, and it broke my heart. He did make it quick and painless though, and I will be forever grateful for that. I know it was a hard thing for him to do.

None the less, I admired that dog. And I wanted tribute to her in my own pup name. So, exited. I messaged Boss with my “pogo Bull Pup” idea.

Well Boss wasn’t so sure about it. His concerns were.

Firstly, I was not stubborn enough to have “Bull” in my name.

And secondly, it just doesn’t seem to fit right.

Honestly. I was a little disappointed, but I went away and kept on working on ideas. I started thinking about conversations that I had had with Boss. And I remembered the ruler comment that he had made. So I started thinking about rulers and dictators and kings throughout history. I couldn’t find anything I liked, and honestly I didn’t want my name to associate me with any individual.

Next, I started thinking about bio dogs I have known throughout my life. Quite out of the blue I remembered a dog some family friends had when I was 7 or 8. These friends lived deep down in the valley and it was isolated. As a result they had been broken into a few times. Frustrated they decided to get a professionally trained guard dog.

I only met him a few times, and always with his owners very close by. He was Magnificent, 2 or 3 years old. He was a long haired German Sheppard, and his name was Kaiser.

Kaiser means King in Germanic, and it has no ties to any individual. I thought about it and the more I did the more I liked it. But it wasn’t enough.

I am 38 years old, and my life thus far has been interesting and challenging to say the least. I have been held down and kept down many times against my will, and I have experienced the highs, but mostly lows of 24 years of active drug and alcohol addiction.

But I am strong. Strong like I cannot explain to you. If you see it you will recognise it.

My strength is silent and calculating, unwavering and brutal. But mostly it lies slightly below the surface, unseen.  But ever ready to dominate if the need arises.

I wanted this strength represented in my pup name also.

Being a bit of a revhead, I started looking for automotive or engineering comparisons. I remembered reading about Q cars.  Q cars emerged in Europe in the early 70s, they were big executive type things, generally very sedate looking and unassuming. But it was all a ruse. They did in fact have huge powerful engines, with upgraded suspension and brakes. And they could blow just about anything else on the road into the weeds. They were the last word in understated brute force.

I had it. I put the Kaiser and the Q car idea together, and so was born.

I messaged Boss straight away and waited anxiously for his response.

Well, he loved it.

As I had thought, the Q part of my name does not get used in everyday conversation. I have discussed with Boss about dropping the Q, he told me to leave it. And he is right, while writing this I have really grown to value my pup name. I never realised that I had put so much thought and effort into it. It has real value and meaning and it represents accurately who I am as a human pup.

I am Kaiser Q Pup.