Daddy by MancerBear

Dog Club

Chapter One

By Darren “MancerBear” Bulmer


Damian cycled furiously down the road towards home. School had only just gotten out and he wanted to get to the house that he shared with his father as soon as possible. Damian had lived with his father since he was 4, after his mother had left him there for a weekend visit and never came back. He could barely remember the woman, and so felt very little loss and her absence in his life. Living with his father was the best, and he would change that for the world.


The hot summer sun beat down on Damian’s back as his legs pumped the pedals on his bike strongly. Sweat slicked the brim of his cap and ran in trickles down his brow and neck. At 15, Damian was in fine health. He had been raised by his father to be a physically active boy, and all the years of exercise and sports showed on his young smoothly muscled body


Skidding around a corner, Damian’s bike kicked gravel back up behind it as he righted himself and redoubled his efforts. He was in such a hurry because his father was bringing home a new dog today, and Damian wanted to get there to see it as soon as possible. Home was only 20 minutes away on bike, but at the speed he was peddling, Damian would be there in 10. He couldn’t stop thinking about the new dog all day, and his studies where disrupted constantly by his daydreams. For as long as he could remember, his father had been breeding Argentinean Dogos, and Damian loved the ruggedly aggressive dogs dearly. Not only did his father breed them, but he also trained them to be used as fighting animals. The dogs took to this eagerly, and even though they would sometimes get injured, or even killed, Damian thought that dogs trained to fight made better pets and guard animals. This new dog, a big male his father had told him, was intended to introduce new blood into the family pack; to improve the stock and produce a more impressive animal.


Finally, the house came into view at the end of the street, and Damian’s father’s pickup truck was parked in the street outside, the dog cage in the back empty and the door open. That meant the new dog was home! Damian peddled even harder, rounded up the driveway, through the back gate, and skidded to halt on the concrete at the back of the house. Letting his bike drop to the ground, Damian took a moment to catch his heaving breath and admire his father, Sal, who stood with his back facing him in front of the dog cages.


Sal was a huge Hispanic man; muscular and solid. Short cropped black hair hugged his nicely shaped scalp, doing nothing to hide the two big gold earrings that hung from his lobes. His olive skin glistened in the sun as rivulets of sweat ran down his broad, cobra-hood like back, highlighting the intricate designs that had been tattooed there from spending years in prison and running with gangs in his youth. Little tufts of straight black hair jutted out from under his arms, and a light sprinkling of hair ran down the nape of his neck and down his spine until it spread out over his lower back to thicken at the tiny amount of arse crack that peeked out of his sweatpants. The sweatpants were old and dirty, first snugly clinging to his tight round butt and then hanging loosely down his legs. Hanging jauntily, the sweatpants did little to cover the band of a pair of jocks that read “-pig”; the first half of the word disappearing beneath the top of the pants, leaving what it said to the imagination. A dirty old pair of joggers clung to his feet, the stench of which reached Damian even as he stood a good fifteen feet away. Not that Damian had any problems with his father’s scent; in fact he found that he missed it when he couldn’t smell it.


Damian had always found his father attractive, in a way that he knew other boys didn’t find their own fathers. Even as a young lad, he had looked up at Sal with adoring eyes and wished for a closer relationship than what they had. His fondest memories were lying on his father’s broad chest, snoozing as Sal watched the television. At these times, Sal would rarely wear anything other than a pair of jocks, and Damian could gently touch and massage Sal’s solid bulging pectoral muscles and tight wash-board abdominal, tangling his little fingers in the hair that grew there. Sometimes he could even feel a thick hardening in his father’s groin. Even though at that age he had no real idea what was happening, Damian would subconsciously grind his own groin against his father’s, enjoying the intimacy that it provided. As he grew older, Damian realized that what he was feeling was his father’s cock, and it was enormous, but Sal stopped lying with his son as he approached puberty, and Damian missed it and would have been happy to give up almost anything to experience again.


“Is that you, Pepe?” asked Sal, drawing Damian out of his reverie and back into the present. His father had always called him Pepe, an affectionate childhood nickname that would Damian suspected would remain with him forever, not that he minded at all.


“Yeah Dad, it’s me,” replied the boy.


“Come see the new dog,” stated Sal, turning his head to look at his son and motioning him to approach with his broad paw of a hand.


Damian needed no further encouragement, and moved quickly towards his father, but stopped suddenly when a huge dog launched itself at him, barking and snarling, with only a flimsy cyclone wire fence between them preventing any collision.


“He’s a mean one, eh Pepe?”


Damian couldn’t help but agree as he watched the new dog snarling savagely at him. Long strings of drool hung from the dog’s mouth as he glared menacingly at the boy. Damian could see how magnificent the animal was; heavily muscled, solid, and tall. His white coat, which was raised at the hackles, was otherwise smooth and shiny, with only one single brown patch on his back to mare it’s perfection. A scar or two on the dog’s face indicated he had been in a few fights, which was no wonder if he was always this aggressive.


The dog stopped barking, but without taking his eyes of Damian, turned sidelong towards him, cocked his leg, and sprayed a huge steam of steaming piss on the cyclone wire fence.  Damian noticed that a good six inches of solid pink cock poked out of the dog’s sheath, causing his own cock to harden slightly.


“His name is Caligula,” noted Sal without prompting. Damian nodded, mesmerised by Caligula’s presence, causing Sal to laugh.


“He’s a big boy, Son,” added Sal, not missing that his son was staring openly and the dog’s cock, and smiled. “He’ll prove his worth in no time. I don’t want you going near him till he knows you well. Do you understand?”


Damian nodded, looking up at his father and smiled. He was almost as tall as his dad, and hoped to soon be growing a nice black goatee just like him. He had already tried a number of times, but he only managed a light growth that his father referred to as ‘bum fluff’. Sal did confide in him that the more Damian shaved, the thicker his facial hair would grow, though it may never be as thick as his own. He knew what Sal meant; he took after more after his mother than his father.


Despite his already muscular build, Damian would never achieve his father’s impressive proportions. Like his mother, he had a slight build, with light skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. His features did hint at his Latino heritage, but he would never have the hotly exotic features his father possessed. One thing he did know for sure was that he had inherited a nice big cock from his father; something he had discovered after gym class several years ago. His cock had always been twice as large as all his schoolmates’, and once they had begun approaching puberty and started becoming curious about each other’s bodies, it was plainly obvious that Damian was hung. Some of the other boys were curious enough to want to touch Damian’s dick, and this had led to quite a few interesting little encounters, teaching his mates the basics of sex. It helped, of course, that Damian already knew about sex from growing up in a household that bred dogs for a living. This experimentation naturally led to girls, and although young, Damian already had a fair amount of experience under his belt with both sexes.


“You daydreaming again, Pepe?” asked Sal, giving his son a playful clip on the ear to focus his attention.


“No Dad,” lied Damian, smiling up at his father. Sal smiled back, and couldn’t help notice the bulge that had grown in his son’s pants. He had to admit, his boy was growing up to be a handsome young man; his mother’s features enhancing the ones that he had inherited from him. Sal’s hand obtusely dropped to his own swelling prick and gave it a squeeze through the sweatpants material.


“You got any homework tonight?”


“Yeah, Dad” acknowledged Damian. “A bit, anyway.”


“Then get your skinny little ass inside and get it done before dinner,’ stated Sal as he had a big stretch, the muscles in his shoulders, chest and biceps bulging lazily. “I’m going to have a nap. Wake me when you’re done and we’ll make something to eat.”


Sal walked towards the backdoor, leaving Damian alone in the backyard. Caligula prowled his cage, growling deeply and keeping an eye on the boy. A brief moment later, the dog stepped into his kennel and lay down, still watching the boy angrily. Damian couldn’t tear his eyes away from the animal for a while, admiring his lines, impressive musculature and demeanour. He couldn’t help but find the beast sexy, and he fondled his hardening dick as thought about what it would be like to watch him breed a bitch. From the little he had seen, Caligula had a pretty big dick for a dog, and there was no doubt it would hurt any but the most experienced of bitches. These thoughts only served to arouse Damian further, causing his pants crotch to tent largely and giving him the urge to have a quick tug before starting on his homework. Staring at the dog for a moment longer, he turned and went into the house himself.


Making his way through the kitchen, Damian dropped his backpack on the floor before opening the refrigerator to find something to eat. There were some leftover roast chicken from the night before, some fruit, a carton of milk, and some butter. Damian grabbed a chicken drumstick and quickly wolfed it down before walking down the hallway towards his room to release the growing tension in his groin. As he passed his father’s bedroom along the way, he noticed that the door was slightly ajar. From inside he could hear some low noises that sounded like moaning, and he peeked through the gap curiously to see what was making the sounds. He didn’t know what to expect, but he certainly didn’t think he would see his father lying naked on the bed, his hand casually stroking his hard, uncut 12” dick. Light coming from the television beyond his view flickered over his father, making the scene slightly surreal. Sal was watching what was on the screen where the noises where coming from, seemingly oblivious to his son’s presence just outside the door.


Damian had seen his father’s dick hard before, and had even seen him handling it, but this was the first time he had seen his father actively stroking it. The sight drove his already aflame senses wild with lust, and his dick become achingly hard, pulsing in his shorts as if it was trying to escape its constraints. Damian grabbed his tool through the denim and gave it a harsh tug, his eyes never leaving his father’s thick cock.


Sal squeezed a quivering bead of precum from his piss-slit, collected on his finger and then brought it to his mouth before licking his palm with his wide tongue and using the spit as lube to continue stroking his cock. He had spied Damian at the door, and knew that his son was watching him stroke off. That didn’t bother him at all, if anything, it was turning him on. He pulled the skin back from the head of his cock and squeezed the base hard, making it swell outrageously as the colour deepened to a dark purple. His hands, which were not small, could barely encompass the beer-can thick member. Many of the people he had fucked, both men and women, and complained of its size, and others sought him out for exactly the same reason. Either way, Sal was more than content with his steel-hard member, and loved using it whenever and on whomever he could.


Damian stared, mesmerised by what he was watching. His own cock felt like it was about to explode, so he undid his fly and let it spring out. The head of his prick was already slick with precum that had gathered beneath the foreskin, and Damian used that to ease the sliding of the skin backwards and forwards. Not as large as his father’s enormous horse-cock, it was still an impressive 10” long, and possessed the urgent turgidity that only a teenager could achieve. Grasping the shaft hard, he stroked it slowly, savouring the exquisite sensations it produced, and unconsciously groaned in pleasure. Startled by the noise that had escaped his mouth, Damian stepped back away from the door.


“Pepe, is that you?” came Sal’s voice, deep and husky with arousal.


“Umm, yeah Dad,” replied Damian hesitantlys, rapidly shoving his cock back into his shorts and zipping up his fly. “I’m just going to my room now.”


“No rush son,” noted Sal. “Come in here for a moment.”


Damian had no idea if his father had seen him at the door and he was in trouble, or if his father just wanted to talk to him. Dropping his head and lowering his eyes, he pushed the door further and ajar and stepped sheepishly into the room.


“No need to look away, Son,” said Sal. “We’re both men here.”


Damian looked up and saw that his father was still naked and still holding his cock firmly. In fact, he was slowly running his hand up the shaft. The noise from the television was clearer, and looking over to the set revealed two large naked muscular men. One was on his hands and knees and another held the chain of a big black dog that had mounted the first man and was thrusting his hips rapidly. Damian stared open mouthed at the television until Sal cleared his throat, and then the boy looked back at his father.


“I saw you looking in through the door, Son,” accused Sal. His voice was calm, and he had a slight upwards tilt to his mouth.


“I’m...I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t mean to...”


“No need to apologise Boy,” interrupted Sal, his voice deepening slightly. “Did you like what you saw?”


“Ahhh... yes, I did... Sir,” replied Damian. His cock, which had softened slightly as the fright of being discovered was rapidly hardening again, which didn’t escape his father’s attention. Damian’s face reddened, and he tried to cover it with his hands.


“What are you hiding Boy?” teased Sal. “You don’t think I haven’t seen what you’re packing before?”


Laughing nervously, Damian allowed his hands to drop away from his groin.


“That’s better, Boy,” encouraged Sal. “Now, want to come over here and lie on the bed? Maybe watching the DVD will help us something to work out.”


Damian smiled. He was experienced enough to know what was about to happen. He had no problems with it, and in fact was eager to explore his father’s body. Walking towards the bed, he quickly shucked his clothes without invitation, causing Sal to grin lasciviously. Once naked, Damian climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back with his shoulder and arm brushing his father’s. He reached down and grabbed his own cock as Sal moved his arm and placed it around Damian’s shoulder so his son could rest his head on his shoulder.


This close to his father, Damian had a better view of his dick. The monstrous organ pulsed in his father’s hands, and thick ropy veins pulsed along the shaft. His foreskin, which was thick and long, could be pulled all the way down, exposing a big purple head that flared angrily with every stroke. Although Sal only used one hand to jerk his massive fuck-pole, he could easily have used two, and there would still have been room to spare for another one.


Damien reached down and grabbed his own dick again. It wasn’t as big as his fathers, but it was almost as thick. Just like his dad, Damian’s shaft was also laced with snake-like ropy veins, and his foreskin could be pulled back right over the head of his cock, exposing the glistening purple, plum-lick glans beneath.


Slowly, Damian stroked his cock and enjoyed the warmth that his father’s body generated. Looking up at the television, he saw that the dog had stopped thrusting into the man on the ground, but had turned so that they were butt to butt. Damian knew this was called tying, when the dog’s cock had swollen so much that it became locked in place. Two dogs could remain like that for up to 30 minutes as the dog pumped cum into his bitch, breeding her. That was obviously what was happening to the quietly moaning man on all fours. His friend was standing over him, jacking his cock and trash talking down to the tied man.


Sal watched his son watch the television, tugging on his own massive fuck-meat, and grinning cockily at his son. The boy’s attention was caught between the action going on the screen, and Sal’s huge, rock hard prick. Sal couldn’t blame the boy, as the scene playing on the screen was pretty hot. Together, man and boy worked on their turgid meat, their fists rising and falling in unison. The scene of sex between man and beast on the television only heightened the experience for the boy, and his movements became more urgent as his breath heaved in rapid gasps.


“Slow down there Boy,” suggested Sal, using his free hand to guide Damian to a more sedate stroking pattern. “You keep that up and this will be finished in no time.”


Damian nodded, and slowed his tugging motion and tore his eyes away from the television and instead became engrossed by his father’s cock. He felt hypnotised by the steady action of Sal’s hand running halfway up the shaft of his cock and then his index finger rubbing across the top of glans before sliding back down the vein-ridden shaft. Precum, welling up because of the stroking action, was used as lube so smooth the action. Damian could smell the gamey scent of unwashed cock, sweat, and sex coming from Sal, and he breathed in deeply to savour it. His head was still reeling at the thought of tossing off alongside his father, but he knew that he had wanted to do this and more with Sal, and was going to enjoy every second of it.


“Do you like what you see on the television, Boy?” asked Sal, drawing Damian’s attention back to the screen.


“Yeah Dad, I do,” acknowledged Damian. He couldn’t count the number of times he had seen dogs fuck, but he had never seen a dog fucking a person before.


“It’s hot, Son,” added Sal. “Have you ever thought about playing with a dog’s cock?”


Damian looked as his father a moment before answering, “Yes Sir, I have.”


“How would you like to play with it Boy?” probed Sal. “Would you like to toss a dog off? Or maybe you want to taste dog dick and give him a headjob? Or maybe you want to be like the man on the screen, and get bred by a dog and be treated like a bitch? Is that what you want Son, to feel a rock hard dog cock in your ass, his knot tying you together and he filling you up with his doggy cum?”


“Oh God, yes Sir,” replied Damian. He had thought about dogs before, long before he had had reached puberty, and had even handled a dog’s cock as it humped his leg. He had no idea how his father knew that he had thought about having sex with a dog, but all hesitations that he may have had in revealing that to him had long since evaporated.


“Have you had a dick in your ass before?” Sal continued. “Have you been fucked, Boy?”


Damian nodded his head. “Yes Sir, I have. A few of the boys from school have fucked me, and a couple of older guys from around the neighbourhood.”


“You’re a good boy, Pepe,” noted Sal. “You remind me of me when I was your age. I couldn’t get enough sex, both giving and getting it. You’re a horny bastard like your old man, and I don’t blame you. Maybe we’ll get you some of that dog cock, eh? Get your tight little ass so full of doggy cum that it leaks out and drips down your legs”


His father’s trash talk was pushing him over the edge, and no matter how hard he tried, Damian couldn’t hold back the ever increasing urgency that built up in his nutsack and moved towards his gut. The thought of having a dog on his back, his legs grasping at his waste and pulling his ass into his thrusting hips to drive his cock deep into his guts was too much. His toes curled down tightly, and he knew that at any moment he was going to lose his load.


“Dad, I’m going to cum,” grunted Damian as his fist flogged his suddenly painfully firm cock harder.


“Let her lose, Pepe,” encouraged Sal, watching his son intently. “Make Daddy proud.”


sEvery muscle in Damian’s body tensed, and with a growl that become a gut wrenching roar, his dick exploded in a fountain of cum. Huge ribbons of the thick milky white substance erupted from his piss-slit and showered down on Damian’s chest and neck. One or two thick globs even landed on his chin to slowly dribble down and pool in the depression of his clavicles. The explosion of semen seemed to last forever, but eventually the thick ribbons slowed to a dribble, and then stopped all together. Breathing raggedly, Damian turned to face his father and a smiled a big, satiated grin.


Watching his son cum pushed Sal over the edge. With a deep guttural roar, he grabbed Damian’s head and pushed his face down towards his groin with no resistance.


“Take my load, you dog fucking Bitch,” yelled Sal. His thick muscles tensed, causing them to bulge obscenely, just as his massive tool exploded. Long chunky ribbons of cum flew from Sal’s cock and splashed audibly onto his son’s face. The flow of cum continued to erupt from the big man’s gaping piss-slit, and Damian opened his mouth to catch some of it in his hungry maw. It tasted salty, and warm, and Damian wanted more. Each rolling wave of orgasm brought another roar from Sal, as if he were some rabid wild beast breeding his mate.


Eventually, Sal’s orgasm slowed and stopped, and the big Hispanic relaxed his grip on Damian’s head. Damian licked his lips as his father’s cum dripped off his chin and nose and pooled on Sal’s washboard stomach. Heaving a huge satisfied sigh, Damian turned to look at his father, who burst out in laughter at the sight of his son’s cum-laden features. Damian joined his father in laughter and he collapsed down into Sal’s big encompassing arms.


“How was that, Boy?” asked Sal finally, gently fondled his still half-hard cock with one hand as he held his son close with his other.


“Great Dad,” replied Damian, whipping his right eye clear of cum. He had no idea how his father had managed to cum so much, but it was a huge turn on for him and he hoped to get another load of it soon. Unlike his father, Damian was still rock hard, as can happen with teenage boys.


Sal chuckled. “Glad to hear it Pepe. Now, I think I should have a shower before dinner. Want to join me?”


“Sure,” replied Damian eagerly as he leaped off the bed and ran towards the ensuite abutting his father’s room.


“Grab some towels first,” called out Sal, and Damian made a detour out into the hall towards the linen closet. Sal watched his son’s tight arse disappear through the door way and began planning when get a taste of that firm young arse. His son was eager enough. Judging by how eager Damian was to horse-play around, there was a good bet he’d go further, and Sal was just as eager to get his cock into his boys ass and give him the fuck of his young life. If he was being honest, and he had been having sex with his school buddies and some older guys, then he was far from an inexperienced boy, and there was no way Sal wasn’t going to get a piece of that action. Knowing that Damian wasn’t new to sex, he suspected that, like him, he was as equally attracted to men and he was to women. He knew that this was only the beginning with Damian, and only time would tell just how far they would go.