By Darren (MancerBear) Bulmer

I look up at him, the giant bear of a man who stands over me like a monument to manhood, a testament to masculinity. He stares down at me, his unwavering glare drilling into me with an intensity that makes me shudder, as I anticipate every act he will perform upon my body. I am firefly release from his penetrating stare as he blinks, letting my eyes wander to examine a face that is rough and bestial; crags and wrinkles bear witness to a turbulent life, but to me, he is beautiful. Muscles built through long hours of hard labor bulge under a layer of bear fat, and his barrel chest rests atop a slightly bulging belly that I love so much. A thick coat of red fur covers his pecs and belly, runs down his arms, and over his legs. Solid circular barbells pierce his nipples, while another hangs below his broad nose, and another from his cock. It’s not the largest cock I’ve ever seen, only about 7 inches, but it’s thick, and fatly veined, and already dripping with precum. Long ropes of the sticky sweet nectar drop to the floor, pooling and awaiting his order for his slave to lick them up.

I kneel before him, my arms bound behind me with ropes, while a small leather jockstrap cruelly restrains my turgid dick, preventing it from stretching out and it reminds me of my captured status. I’m not a small man myself, having spent hours in the gym, building a body that is not only strong, but powerfully impressive. Over 6 feet tall, and weighing 215 lbs, I sport a split goatee and shave my head. Nobody pushes me around or tells me what to do. Nobody that is, except for this bear, who owns me body and soul.

He doesn’t say a word, but my bear steps forward and places his meaty calloused hand on my head and draws me towards his dripping prick. I open my mouth to accept his intrusion when he violently pushes my face into the floor amongst the mess he had made there.

“Clean it up, Cub,” he growls

I obey. Of course I obey. His every word is what I live to hear, his commands I scramble to enact. How could I do anything less? My tongue laps out and licks the precum off the cold wooden floorboards. The smell, sutble and yet completely intoxicating, threatens to overwhelm me. I clean the floor diligently, leaving it shiny and spotless in my tongue’s wake. He pushes a naked foot towards me, and I react immediately, instinctively moving from cleaning the floor with my tongue, to cleaning his toes. I run my taster between each one, savoring the acrid, pungent flavor that I find there. As I make my way to the top of his foot, my arousal intensifies. I love this man more than I could possibly vocalize, and I would do anything for him.

“Enough, Cub,” he growls, as he grabs my chin and lifts my face to look at him again.“Did you like that?”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” I reply immediately.

He smiles at me, and I lose myself in his approval. I’ve pleased him, and I couldn’t want for more. He continues to look at me, his smile diminishing to just a tiny uplifting at the corner of his lips as he slowly turn around, exposing his beautifully sculpted butt cheeks to me. I know can contain myself for only a moment, and grunt in excitement.

“Get in there, Cub.”

I dive into his crack like a starving man, and I’m swamped by the scent of a man who hasn’t bathed for several days. His stink is raw, primal, stirring the animal in me, and I am driven to what I must do. I eat at his puckered rosebud willingly, working my tongue in circles around the rim before making long swipes that allow me to breathe his crack as well as taste it. I know I’m doing a good job by the grunts of satisfaction my bear makes. He pushes his ass into my face hard, and in the process pushes me backwards and down until my back is almost crushed against the floor. I make no complaint, no noise of discomfort. Instead I continue to eat at his hole, giving him pleasure.

“Fuck!” he shouts before adding “Enough,” and pulls away.

I remain where I am, at that odd, uncomfortable angle, as he straddles me and dangles his nut sack over my face. Again I wait before doing anything. My place is to serve, to obey, and I like to think that I keep my place. He forces me to wait an agonizingly long time, and he knew that I was salivating in anticipation of the taste of his heavy balls. I hungered for them desperately, and he knew that. He didn’t tease me to be cruel, but to show how much he loved me, to increase my desire and hunger for him. Slowly, he lowers his pendulous sack towards my face, until it rests on and under my nose, and across my mouth. I breathe in their musky aroma – sweat, piss, and a faint hint of a previous ejaculation. I can’t help myself, and a another faint whimper escapes my lips.

“You like that, don’t you Cub?” he asks me quietly.

“Yes Sir, I do Sir,” I return.

“Do you deserve them Cub?” he queries, “Have you been a good boy?”

“Yes Sir, I have Sir.”

“Good Cub. Then lick them, Cub. Lick the sweat from my balls.”

He had barely finished giving his command when I eagerly began to obey it. My tongue worked over his balls in long swipes, leaving them wet with spit. The taste of them is like a drug to me, giving me a natural high that I want to last forever. Despite my attempts to control myself, I can’t resist opening my mouth wide and taking in one of his testicles and rolling it around with my tongue. He growls in approval, and lift his body to stretch the sack. Once he lowers himself towards me again, I open my mouth wider to take in his other nut, and again he pulls himself away, this time further, stretching his scrotum obscenely.

“That’s it Cub,” he purred. “Suck on those balls.”

I could feel wetness on my forehead, slowly gathering, and I look up to see his cock leaking precum on my face. Slowly it drips down my head, over my cheeks, and some even passes over the corner of my lips. In a sudden, savage move, he rips his balls from my mouth, and uses his thumb to lever my jaw open painfully. He looks down at me, his eyes now full of lust. Holding his cock with his other hand he moves it towards me until the glans teasingly brushes my upper lip, but he just leaves it there. He doesn’t let me wait long though, before he drives it into my mouth roughly. As much as I want to suck on it, I can’t because of his thumb holding my mouth open. I struggle against him, because I know how much he likes it. His cock pushes against the back of my mouth, forcing its way into my throat and causing me to gag.

“C’mon Cub, you can take it,” he says, as he keeps pushing hid dick into my aching facehole.

But before my gullet rejects him, he pulls back a little. Slowly, he fucks my throat gently, but insistently, each thrust pushing his cock further and further down my throat. With my airways blocked, I can only grab a small breath every now and then.He knows I love the feeling of being deprived of oxygen. My head swims as my vision blurs, and I feel the world closing in, like a dark tunnel swallowing me up. My bear is glowing with light at the centre of my vision, and I hold onto consciousness stubbornly.His smell, his seat, the from his eyes keeps me here. He pumps his cock with increasing force, and he releases my jaw so that my mouth can close over his hard tool. Drool slips from my mouth and runs over my chin. He growls in pleasure, using my mouth as a pussy to satisfy his desires.

His movements become wild, and rough; like a feral stallion breeding his mare. I completely submit to his needs, relaxing my mouth and throat so he can use it the way he wants to. With a violent thrust and a brutal roar, his cock explodes cum in my mouth, filling me with his seed. The salty heat of it coats my tongue and blasts down my throat, threatening to drown me. I try to swallow it all, but it’s too much, and some of his precious semen escapes my lips and dribbles from my chin and onto my chest.

His spasms gradually subside, and he rests his bulk on my face. I am wet now from his sweat, and I can barely breathe as he doesn’t release his meat form my mouth. I know what to expect next. He grunts again, and then sighs as he relaxes. No he floods my mouth with his strong, heady piss. I have no chance of catching this new flood, and make no real attempt to, only swallowing what I can and letting the rest escape my well used mouth and flow down my chin, joining his cum in saturating my chest fur and pooling in the ridges of my throbbing abdominals.

When the flow abates, he pulls his cock out of my mouth, and hauls me to my feet with eat, his strong arms lifting me as I was a toy. Turning me around, he holds me close and shows me my reflection in the mirror – arms bound behind my back, chest fur dripping with his cum and piss, and my leather jockstrap bulging as it tries to contain my erection.

This is me. This is all I’ve ever wanted to be – cub, slave, piss pig.

And my bear loves me.

from Bear Bound graphic comic strip by MancerBear