Clutch - the BullPup

1: Your name – why did you choose it?

Have had two pup names, one given to me by close friends and one chosen by me with Boss.  BullPUP - given to me because of my nature and my size and the style of play I like.  Clutch - mechanically minded, a tinkerer, pull-it-apart see how it's works kind of pup but light hearted, playful, twisted and forgiving.

2: Your first experience and early experiences as a pup -

First true experience, um a surprise…I'm still figuring out who was the gift and who was the receiver…  Experiences so far have been a mixed bag of emotions. Some times anxious, unsure, over excited, scared and the occasional bout of 'what the fuck'… and goes away if I calm myself down…

3: Your experience of bdsm in general –

 Leather and bondage, but as a master.  Had fun with it but it became too passé (it wasn't the people but my attitude towards the play as it felt hollow and empty; like a wank is akin to just moving the gears) so I left it and went to play with the bears and the cubs, but mostly the daddy bears!

4: Your relationship status –

Partnered, but he's coming round and has seen me with my tail in, he likes it when I'm in my up moods.

5: Your hobbies and interests as a person – not what you like as a pup, but what you like as a person

Cars, boats, architecture, music, mind altering art, Macintosh's, plants, baking. Anything that gets my attention long enough to try and figure out how it works…

6: Breed? – if you feel an identification to a specific breed, and why

St Bernard… I've always adored german shepherds and have had a few but my inner breed is very much a St Bernard. Not up in your face or authoritative or guarding, but sitting at the back waiting till I'm needed. Oh yes I do like the snow and am happier in the cold than the heat and I do love a good scotch, CHEERS!

7: What puphood gives you personally – name some of the things that being a pup has helped you with in your personal life

A perspective, time and control.  That may sound confusing but I know what I'm like when I am angry. There was a meme going around my best friend in LA sent to me with a single pic; that of a pup with it's head sideways with the comment underneath "do I play with it or pee on it. #firstworldpuppyproblems".  It made me laugh but I remember that comment every time I feel my control slipping. So now when things are bad I take a sec to think, can I play with it or do I pee on it.  It is enough to remind me how things should be and how I SHOULD be, a happy playful pup with a penchant for daddy bears… (okay I'm evil!)

8: Why you seek puphood – do you have some specific goals?

I know I will never be a always on all fours pup, I doubt I will ever seriously get into eating or drinking from a bowl. I know some pups will go that far and further.  I have trouble switching off and letting it all go, the couple of times it has happened it has been bliss but the reality of my situation at the moment makes it hard for me to get to that puppy space.  Affection and acceptance without sex as a forethought.  I like being called pup, I like playing the pup with guys in the know and I'm bloody good at wagging my tail!