So it turns out that there are a few people out there in the puppyverse that are a little curious to know a bit more about my story, who I am, how I came to be this particular individual and such... so I am going to ramble on here a little and hopefully some of it will make a kinda sense.

The name "Brand" for me is drawn from a much earlier time in history where a brand wasn't so much an image connected with a company but actually a fiery torch, a branch wrapped in hemp rope at one end, dipped in tar and the set aflame. In that dim dark past a Brand was a light in the long dark, that was frought with shadows. A brand provided warmth and lit the way and kept those shadows at bay. So why is that relevant to me? Well I have lived with few relatively minor mental health issues for most of my life and before I worked out how best to address them, life was like living in shadow where the greatest darkness was inside my heart. I do pretty well against it and have some awesome help, but that dark place is still there, it just doesn't have quite the same hold on me. So as a pup, as Brand I am lighting a path, out of my own dark places, with warmth, with discovery, and in the safe glow of my light. Perhaps I'm even lighting a little bit of the path for others but that will be for them to talk about in their own puppy tales.

How did I discover that being a pup could be like this?... Well about nine months ago in the later weeks of 2012 a very interesting fellow struck up a conversation with me. He was kinda handsome, not that I was out man shopping, and we seemed able to talk about pretty much anything, he was curious, interesting and engaging in ways that were frankly refreshing and not a minefield of the socially awkward dialogue that constitutes most internet chat. Until then I hadn't really run into the whole idea of human pups, well other than as an oblique reference to an aspect of kink and BDSM.

So aside from my own fantasies, my more sensual and sexual exploits had been pretty vanilla, well as much as that's possible for someone in a polyamorous relationship that was at the time in a slightly dysfunctional triad arrangement. I'd been with my long term partner for about thirteen and a half years at that stage and really wanted to explore more in the world of kink and fetish but hadn't found anyone I really trusted to take me there. It turned out that this interesting stranger was PupBoss and it was really the beginning of the most interesting, challenging and wonderful times of my life...

At our very first meeting in person a few short weeks later, I pretty much knew immediately that this was going to be a very interesting ride with a man who reached out to me and helped me be almost instantly able to express desires, wants, needs and feelings that had been bottled inside me so long I'd forgotten that they were part of me, and the beautiful part was, there was no guilt, no judgement, no freaking out, just acceptance and love. Training would come later, but I knew that day that I was his and that I was going to be a pup... it was like I'd had all the pieces inside me for the longest time and they suddenly snapped into place, and here was this picture of PupBoss holding a mirror up to me that showed me just what Brand might become. It changed my life. The pup that I saw in that mirror, was kinda grey and shaggy but beautiful and steadfast, loving, gentle and loyal, intelligent though a little bit uncertain and very enthusiastic and curious, I saw a good bit of old english sheepdog in that image of my pupself and there was other stuff there too so I guess I am a bit of a mutt, not specifically only one thing or another but a blend, and happily so, when I mentioned this to my Alpha, Gpup, he replied that was good, more likely to have the best of many different qualities, which I liked very much, so I'm proud and happy to be a mutt.

One of the bonuses of coming to my pup self with this particular owner and my other pack mates is both in and out of pup mode we are pretty diverse and every one is appreciated because of their different interests and natures as much as they are for the things they have in common. For me that's, sci-fi, languages, gaming, gym, dancing, craft, photography and design, general creative endeavours and being the social group focused individual that I am. I'm sometimes called on to provide a different view point on things that can help with working stuff out, I see that as a big honour and it makes me very proud that I am a helpful member of the pack for lots of reasons but most of all, because I am me. Where am I going from here? Well thats a great question but not one that I have a ready answer to, I'll be looking to see what my light illuminates but the one thing I do know for certain is that I will be at my owners side with my awesome pack mates all around, walking into an amazing future each in our own way, but for a certainty, all of us together.